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AUKAA serves as a platform for its members to put forward and realize their ideas, and encourages member-driven initiatives. With active involvement of members educated in wide range of academic disciplines, the alumni association organizes various projects to catalyze the development of Azerbaijan.

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Founded in 2005, the Azerbaijan-UK Alumni Association brings together Azerbaijani professionals who have been to the UK under a range of study programmes and schemes.

AUKAA members are Azerbaijani citizens who have participated in any programme managed or sponsored by British Council or the British Embassy in Azerbaijan in part or in whole, or who have completed professional studies in the UK.

The Executive Board consists of five alumni volunteers elected for a one-year term. The Board is entrusted with the task to guide the direction and strategies of the association.


Various projects in education, business, environment, social and many more areas in order to support development of society.


Networking events, tours, business dinners, trainings, talks for members and friends of AUKAA.


AUKAA cooperates with government bodies, British Embassy, British Council, universities and many more civil organizations.

Supporting Members

AUKAA actively supports its members in order to develop their business and careers.