10th year Anniversary and New Year celebration

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January 25, 2016
AUKAA states main activity directions for 2016
January 28, 2016

10th year Anniversary and New Year celebration

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On December 18th AUKAA celebrated its 10 year anniversary that coincided with New Year and Solidarity Day party with support of British Embassy in Baku and British Council. The event took place at Intourist Hotel Baku.

The event opened by speeches of Elizabeth White, Director, British Council Azerbaijan and Stephen McCormick, Deputy Ambassador, British Embassy. Bahruz Babayev, AUKAA chairman, welcomed participants. During the party the presentation and short video about AUKAA’s activity since its establishment introduced.

Annual election for AUKAA chairmanship and Board took place. At the end of event election result stated. Sanan Shabanov elected as a chairman of AUKAA. Ziya Gafarli (deputy chairman), Nermin Rahimli, Tural Maharramov and Bahruz Babayev are members of Board for 2016.


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