What is AUKAA?

What does AUKAA do?

Founded in 2005, the Azerbaijan-UK Alumni Association brings together Azerbaijani professionals who have been to the UK under a range of study programmes and schemes.
Supported by the British Council, British Embassy in Azerbaijan and BP, the alumni association is led by an executive board of five alumni volunteers elected for a one-year term by fellow alumni. The association boasts over 350 members; it grew by 50 percent by the second year of its establishment. The AUKAA serves as a platform for its members to put forward and realize their ideas, and encourages member-driven initiatives. With members educated in wide range of academic disciplines, the alumni association holds the tremendous potential to catalyze the development of Azerbaijan.

Our aims

establish contacts and networking with similar British alumni associations as well as other professional and social networks operating in Azerbaijan, in the region and globally

have professional and social networking, information exchange, business cooperation and mutual support

Executive Board

Ilham Rajabov


The University of Manchester

Asmar Yusifova


The University of Lancaster

Afaq Bayramova

Board member

The University of York

Narmin Mustafayeva

Board member

The University of Leicester

Ragiyya Abdullayeva

Board member

The University of Glasgow

Our Chairpersons